Phil Dybvig

Some current and recent papers of mine


"Consensus in Diverse Corporate Boards," with Nina Baranchuk, Review of Financial Studies 22, 2009, 715-747.

"Portfolio Performance and Agency," with Heber Farnsworth and Jennifer Carpenter, Review of Financial Studies 23, 2010, 1-23.

"Lifetime Consumption and Investment: Retirement and Constrained Borrowing," with Hong Liu, Journal of Economic Theory 145, 2010, 885-907.

"Renegotiation-proof Contracting, Disclosure, and Incentives for Efficient Investment," with Nina Baranchuk and Jun Yang, Journal of Economic Theory 145, 2010, 1805-1836.

"Increases in Risk Aversion and the Distribution of Portfolio Payoffs," with Yajun Wang, Journal of Economic Theory, 147, 2012, 1222-46.

"Verification Theorems for Investments Problems with and without Endogenous Retirement," with Hong Liu, Mathematics of Operations Research 36, 2011, 620-635.

"The New Risk Management: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (updated version) with Pierre Liang and Bill Marshall, Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis 95, 273-291.

"Screening of possibly incompetent agents," with Nina Baranchuk, Economics Letters 135, 2015, 15-18.

working papers:

"That is not my dog: Why doesn't the log dividend-price ratio seem to predict future log returns or log dividend growths?," with Huacheng Zhang

"How to Squander Your Endowment," with Zhenjiang Qin

"Tobin's Q Does Not Measure Performance: Theory, Empirics, and Alternative Measures," with Mitch Waretchka

"High Hopes and Disappointments" with Chris Rogers

"Doing Research" (informal advice for junior faculty and PhD students)

talks (no papers)

"International Origins of the Financial Crisis"

"Bank Safety and Liquidity Provision"

"Atlanta Fed Interview on Maturity Transformation" (sorry not visible in China but can see the transcript)

working papers (inactive)

"Money Grab in China," with Cao Yingxue and Joseph Qiu (preliminary, may not be completed because my main co-author is now working in industry and does not have any time to work on this)