Here is some music I performed with my friends. I play piano or electronic keyboard on all of these recordings except the Torture Chamber Orchestra songs at the bottom. The files are big so maybe it will be better to download before playing. Some of the files use the Ogg Vorbis format (Ogg Vorbis is a very efficient music compression system that is free of any copyright issues). Probably you can already play these files on your computer; if not there is help (for Windows) at

The first eight pieces are my compositions. The first five are performed with my friends Margaret Bianchetta (flute and vocals) and Mary Dee Brown (guitar and violin). Like most of the tunes on this page, they were recorded for Margaret's annual Christmas benefit so we focused on recording quickly to save money rather than trying to get a perfect product. So, almost everything is a first take. The sixth song is solo piano recorded at home, and the seventh is an organ solo recorded on an organ keyboard at home.

Here is a tune I recorded with Margaret and Mary Dee. This is a recording for their CD and this is much more careful and professional than most of the others. I also got to use my own acoustic piano for this, not a terrible electric piano in the studio.

Here is some party music! I am not sure who exactly is playing on the recording, but it is my friend Marty's band with Marty on the drums and vocals, my friend Dave on the saxaphone, me on the piano, and I am not sure who else.

Here is another one with Marty on vocals and drums. It also features Jay Hutson on saxaphone and Willem von Hombracht on bass.

Other assorted stuff:

Finally, here are two samples from the Torture Chamber Orchestra, the ensemble in which I play erhu and hulusi. The basic rule is that you can't play an instrument you really know how to play. Great fun! After hearing the Torture Chamber, you will want to switch to my sister's classical site: Phil